Under the patronage of the Vice-rector of Plovdiv University - Prof. Nevena Mileva


The upcoming international conference is a tree-day event, which is a part of a conference series organized by the International Society of Food Physicists every two years. The conference aims to initiate discussion on the physical properties of food and the physical base of some innovative technologies in the food industry. Please, visit the website for regularly updated information on XI ICFP 2014.


Main topics of the conference:

  • Determination of the Physical Parameters of Foodstuffs

  • Food Quality and Safety

  • Effects of Radioactivity and Air Pollution in the Food Sector

  • Non-destructive Physical Methods (e.g. NIR-NIT, NMR, INAA) for Food Investigation

  • Food Rheology

  • Polymer and Nanoscience for Food

  • Research and Innovative Technologies in the Food Sector

  • Other topics

Upcoming Events

No events currently planned